What is a microlaryngoscopy?

This is an operation for examining the larynx with a microscope under a general anaesthetic.

Why might you need this operation?

If you have a problem of the voice box, such as a hoarse voice your surgeon will need to have a closer look at it. This is done with a short metal tube called laryngoscope which is inserted through the mouth and placed over the larynx. A microscope is then used to look into the voice box to identify the problem and remove it with special instruments. Occasionally the use of laser might be necessary depending on the problem.

Any suspicious lesions removed from the larynx are sent for laboratory investigation to determine their nature (biopsy).

The duration of the operation is variable.

What happens after the operation?

You will find that the throat hurts a bit but this settles with simple painkillers. Your neck might also be slightly stiff.

You will need to rest your voice for at least 48hrs. You might also need to take some tablets for a few weeks after the operation to reduce any acid reflux from your stomach to your throat.

You can eat and drink later the same day.

You can usually go home the same day after the operation but occasionally you should be prepared to stay in hospital overnight.

What are the possible complications?

This is a very safe procedure. You will usually have a sore throat for a few hours. There is also the rare risk of chipping teeth with the laryngoscope even though those are protected during surgery. Let your doctor or the anaesthetist know if you have any loose or capped teeth before the operation.

When can I return to work?

You should stay off work for a few days to rest your voice. This will depend on your job.